About Us

Delhi Public School Satna is one of the most distinguished CBSE day schools in the Satna city. Since its inception in 2011, Delhi Public School Satna has been working under the aegis of DPS Trust. It is consistently leveraging the standards of holistic development with its rigorous academic program combined with a plethora of co-curricular activities. With its highly qualified faculty and collaborations with leaders in education, Delhi Public School Satna takes pride in preparing the youth of today to be responsible global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

The school boasts of state of the art infrastructure with well equipped laboratories, extensive libraries, national level swimming pool, sprawling playgrounds and ergonomically designed activity rooms. The school offers a secular culture and artistic experiences on campus with the essential prerequisites in the Art, Music and Dance rooms. In its commitment of providing an intellectually stimulating environment, Delhi Public School Satna conducts career counseling seminars, workshops, excursions and personality development programmes.

The leadership, management and staff are committed to delivering quality education and holistic learning experiences to students.

Our Vision

Delhi Public School Satna aims to be an institution of merit, committed to producing leaders of the future, and creating an education system where all children get equal access to quality education.

We are focused on our mission of ‘Making Quality Education More Accessible and Affordable’ with an all-round personality development of our students so that many more students can pursue their dream of excellence.
It is a mission, we believe, will help make the world a better place. We dedicate ourselves at Delhi Public School Satna to create human capital for our country and endow the world with beautiful minds. We believe that when our students succeed, countries prosper and societies benefit.
To promote individualistic learning by providing ample opportunities and a safe, congenial environment to students, so that they acquire the requisite skills and knowledge to become successful responsible global citizens.



The school aims at the development of students’ overall personality through a congenial environment, strong secular ethos, sense of integrity, ethics and uncompromising honesty, and a spirit of adventure.


It was long felt that education should be revived in the VINDHYA REGION, hence the concept of bringing in Delhi Public School at Satna took shape. On the auspicious occasion of launch at DPS Satna, we stand at the threshold of a new challenge and a new opportunity. The challenge is to offer a meaningful response to the expectation of Satna and the opportunity is to translate this expectation into reality by providing a highly enterprising school, pledged to provide quality education with emphasis on traditional values. We are very much positive of achieving this goal and live up to the expectations. The board of directors an entire DPS Satna team has put their heart, min and soul to offer an institution which aspires to become best among the best. We have put our utmost efforts to provide excellent infrastructure for academics, sports and extracurricular activities for all round developments of students. I will particularly be happy if the school receives constructive inputs from parents who actively participate in making the school vibrant and alive. After all, DPS Satna is a big family which will work on mutual support of parents, students and teachers. I am sure that the DPS, Satna will work tirelessly, humbly & selflessly and sets a very high standard of education in city. I will strive to make this journey a success and make sure that the parents, students and DPS team continues to work as ‘One DPS Family’.



If a great artist wanted to paint a landscape on a canvas, he would not get a better scenic beauty than our School, Delhi Public School Satna. Natural lush green surroundings of our school, inspires the students towards a holistic development. Our School’s curriculum is incorporated with the CCE pattern of CBSE. It is equipped with the attributes of value based education , self discipline, sense of purpose, responsibility & accountability through academics and extra-curricular Activites. Every child who learns is a pillar of strength to the society and more and more stronger the pillar, strength is the foundation of our society. Indoor and out outdoor games have paved the path for our students in achieving many laurels in the District, State & National level.

Best of luck!
Mrs. Shashi Srinivas

(MSc. M.Ed.)


A child is like a clay who is moulded by the potter i.e. the teacher. We have skilled potters to get perfect pots. Our motto “Knowledge = Innovation” Education is a driving force to pitch the students and their thoughts and creativity. The success stories of our students both validate and fuel our efforts. Dear students you may forget what we said, but you will not forget how we made you feel. With Thanks and Lots of Love
MRS. BALJEET MANN Administrator

Administrator (Academic)


Delhi Public School Satna takes pride in its team of highly qualified and skilled teachers. The faculty at Delhi Public School Satna is dedicated to recognize and appreciate the strengths of each individual student and banks on the best in-class teaching strategies and material. The team not only inspires and encourages students to give their best but also inculcates a sense of responsibility, self-esteem and self-appraisal, thereby directing them towards self reliance. The teachers leave no stone unturned in ensuring students are provided with the finest quality education for their overall development.